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Fakhr Aria Training Center has been opened by Mr. Javaheri, who has a forty-five year experience in the field of jewelry making and storekeeping. In 2008, he decided to provide the trainees interested in the craft of jewelry with his expertise by the establishment of a training center. For this purpose, he opened the training center to develop the profession of his ancestors to newcomers. It was required the trainees to be trained in a short term and in a correct manner all necessary point to avoid boredom. This method requires an advanced method of teaching to prevent any waste of time, rather encourage them to learn more. The first step was to compile a book based on practical materials suitable for workshop. The said book had to be prepared in such a way that the trainees could be acquainted with the process of melting precious metals to the end step by step, to learn them how to use molds to make the desired model. After investigations, it was cleared that no book or manual has been compiled by the member of this trade union or any other experienced jewelers. This fact made it difficult for us to prepare such a book or manual, which has never been compiled. Since, there is no criteria and basis for the inspiration and study of the author. Mr. Javaheri did his best day and night to write a course book in gold and jewelry making to be used in the educational sector. Using this method, a trainee is able to start learning this profession and promote himself within only four months of practical work to be a skilled jeweler, a process, which might last using the traditional method.

This new method of training helps trainees to use their intelligence and talents to promote themselves to higher ranks of international Olympiads.

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